We are pleased to announce that Jaysmar Lopez is our August 2016 Student of the Month. Congratulations, Jaysmar!


Our Student of the Month for August is Jaysmar Lopez. Jaysmar is 9 years old, and has his Green belt in Karate. He is working on his Purple Belt. Jaysmar was seven years old when he first began karate classes. Jaysmar lives with his family in Mattapan, and he learned about JP Martial Arts because he and his Mom drove by the school frequently and saw classes going on through the window. Jaysmar wanted to learn how to defend himself, so one day he came in with his Mom and signed up for classes.


Jaysmar says he likes sparring and the weapons class the best. In Kobudo (weapons class) he is working on his nanchaku skills and kata. He says learning kata is the most challenging thing for him about karate. Jaysmar recently came back to karate class after taking a break for a while, and we are very happy to have him back. Jaysmar says he is very happy with the classes, the teachers, and the friends he has made.

Sensei David has this to say about Jaysmar: “Jaysmar has been with us for over two years. He is an excellent student and also a scrappy student. He trains hard and lets nothing hold him back during training. He is also one of the nicest students we have; more recently he has been helping new students learn techniques. Jaysmar took a break and he was missed. It’s great having him back and training. Congratulations Jaysmar and keep up the great work!!”