May 2021 Schedule updates

We are pleased to announce that beginning the week of May 17 we are adding 2 advanced BJJ classes to our schedule.

Tuesday / Thursday 7:30
BJJ Fundamentals focuses on the positions, escapes and attacks that everyone needs to know, from closed guard, open guard, half guard, side control, top mount, and the back.

This is the class for all white belts to attend; advanced belts are of course welcome to attend as well!

Tuesday / Thursday 8:30
BJJ Advanced – this class is for advanced belts – 4 stripe white belts and above. Tuesdays will focus on gi, and Thursday will focus on no-gi.

We are pleased to be able to add these classes, and we hope to be able to add more classes during the week as we go forward.

We are excited that our BJJ program is growing again, and we extend a big welcome to all of our new BJJ members that have joined us in the past several months since we moved to our new space.

We also send a big shout-out to the veteran members of our BJJ community who have continued to support the program, and have helped keep us going!