We are pleased to announce that our very first JP Martial Arts Academy “Student of the Month” is a family of four: Kevin, Karen, Teagan and Calder Townsend.

Teagan, age 11, first began training Karate and Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu with Sensei Shim at the West Roxbury YMCA 3 years ago, when she was 8 years old, and now has her Purple Belt in Karate. Calder, age 6, joined JPMAA 7 months ago, and was recently promoted to Yellow Belt in Karate. Karen began training 3 months ago, and Kevin just began one month ago in December.


We asked Kevin, Karen, Teagan and Calder why they began training martial arts and what they like about it:

Teagan says she began training in the martial arts because she wanted to be a strong girl and gain confidence and strength, and have fun at the same time. She says martial arts has “made me stronger and happier. It’s also helped me set achievable goals.”

Calder also joined the karate classes because he thought it looked like fun, and he says “it’s made me stronger.”

Karen says that she decided to begin training at JP Martial Arts because “I thought it looked like fun, and it would be a great work out and would give me some bonding time with my daughter. Training is giving me a new way to bond with Teagan and to release some of the stress of my day while getting a great workout.”

Kevin, who has some Karate experience, says, “I wanted to return to something that I began as a child and I thought it would be a great thing to do as a family. I’m also interested in the activities that are demanding of both the mind and the body. Because I am at the beginning of my training here, currently it is giving me a new ritual and new personal goals. It allows me to focus and escape my other daily obligations while still spending time with my family.”


What do you like best about training at JP Martial Arts Academy?

Teagan: “I like the community I train with, they feel like family, I mean I’ve known them for so long. They have all taught me something at one point whether it was showing me where I was open in sparring or teaching me a whole kata. They have all really helped me progress farther through the belts, but not just that they have taught me what karate really is.”

Calder: “I feel comfortable and confident training here, I know someone is always ready to help me.”

Karen: “I really like the community here. We talk a lot about the importance of training partners, and everyone I’ve met or worked with here has gone above and beyond to be a great training partner.”

Kevin: “For me, I think being part of a community of people who are here to better themselves but who are continually ready to help elevate and challenge each other. There is a fantastic feeling of mutual respect and a playful kind of rigor that allows the training to be serious and sincere.”

Congratulations to the Townsend Family for being our first
JP Martial Arts “Student of the Month”!