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Summer Schedule & Reminders



Although the CDC has updated their mask guidelines, we are still following all of our health & safety protocols for the time being, as not everyone has had an opportunity to be vaccinated. 

This means we ask everyone to please remember to:

  • Sign the Covid Health waiver for each class (available online HERE)
  • Please check in at the front desk as you enter so we may scan your temperature
  • Wear your mask

ALSO BEGINNING IN JUNE:  We are pleased to be able to welcome a limited number of parents / spectators back into the dojo (especially for kids classes!)  We must still limit the numbers.


DROP OFF AND PICK UP:  Parents, Please come to the door to check in as you drop your child off and pick them up; this helps us ensure they are prepared for class (daily waiver signed, mask, uniform)

* for safety we always have kids wait inside the dojo until parents arrive to pick them up 
* if your child lives nearby and has your permission to arrive and leave independently, please let us know in advance. 

CLEAN FEET:   As the weather gets warmer, we understand that kids wear different shoes and have many more outdoor activities, and little feet get dirty!  Parents, please ensure that your child’s feet are clean before coming into the dojo.  

UNIFORMS:  We understand that schedules are busy and sometimes kids forget their uniforms.  We do have extra uniforms and belts in case it is needed.  Please note that there is a $5 laundry fee for a borrowed uniform.

WATER:  Kids get thirsty during class, and we do have breaks for water.  If your child forgets to bring water or asks for water during class, we will provide them with a bottle of water.  Water is $1/bottle – we have a red can on the front desk for water $.  Thank you!

As always, we are grateful to our entire JPMAA community for your continued support. As more people are vaccinated and restrictions are relaxed, more of our previous members are returning, and we continue to welcome new members into both our Karate and BJJ programs.

May 2021 Schedule updates

We are pleased to announce that beginning the week of May 17 we are adding 2 advanced BJJ classes to our schedule.

Tuesday / Thursday 7:30
BJJ Fundamentals focuses on the positions, escapes and attacks that everyone needs to know, from closed guard, open guard, half guard, side control, top mount, and the back.

This is the class for all white belts to attend; advanced belts are of course welcome to attend as well!

Tuesday / Thursday 8:30
BJJ Advanced – this class is for advanced belts – 4 stripe white belts and above. Tuesdays will focus on gi, and Thursday will focus on no-gi.

We are pleased to be able to add these classes, and we hope to be able to add more classes during the week as we go forward.

We are excited that our BJJ program is growing again, and we extend a big welcome to all of our new BJJ members that have joined us in the past several months since we moved to our new space.

We also send a big shout-out to the veteran members of our BJJ community who have continued to support the program, and have helped keep us going!

February 2021 News

Re-Opening for Classes

The big news this month is that beginning in February, the City of Boston has gone back to Phase 3.1, allowing us to have classes again.

February 1 – 6: We will continue our current schedule of 1-1 Personal Fitness Training.

Monday, February 8: We will resume the regular class schedule that we had in December (see below). We are still bound by the class size limits, and for now will keep the same attendance schedules that were in effect in December. You will be receiving an individual email to confirm your schedule. If you need to make any changes, please send us an email.

New Space Update

The other exciting news this month is that construction on our new space is scheduled to begin on Monday, February 1. If all goes well, it is possible that we could be moving into our new space in mid-late February. The new space is two doors down in our same building. They are knocking down a wall to combine units A&B, giving us nearly double the space that we have now. This will allow us to increase our capacity and begin to add new members.

We look forward to seeing you all as we move into this new year in our new location!

As always, wishing you all a safe and healthy February!

August 2020 Schedule

Our classes are open this summer to current members by reservation only.  We will have an expanded schedule, and be accepting new members in September.  Please email us for additional information.

AUGUST SCHEDULE:  classes through August 27  (Updated 8/12/2020)


3:00-3:45 Kids Class: KARATE

4:00-4:45 Kids Class: KOBUDO

5:00-5:40 Kids Class: KARATE

6:00-6:40 Adult/Advanced: KARATE



4:30-5:15 Kids BJJ

5:30-6:15 Adults:  CONDITIONING FOR BJJ

6:30-7:15 BJJ



3:00-3:45 Kids Class: KARATE

4:00-4:45 Kids Class: KOBUDO

5:00-5:40 Kids Class: KARATE

6:00-6:40 Adult/Advanced: KARATE



10:30-11:15 Adults:  CONDITIONING FOR BJJ

11:30-12:15 BJJ

12:30-1:15 Adult/Advanced: KARATE